What makes The Coromandel
good for your soul?

The green valleys, misty forested mountains ringed by golden beaches, wetlands and fertile plains make The Coromandel an ideal place to escape into nature for a fresh perspective.

The laid-back vibe and leisurely pace in our small towns compel you to take a break from your every day and live life as it should be.

The simplicity of a getaway in The Coromandel. Relax, slow down and enjoy the simple things.

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What We value in Hauraki Coromandel

Being part of the wild beauty of this place. This is our privilege, and it is in our character to engage. This is a place where nature and people connect, a place that gives back, a place that is forever good for your soul.

Responsible Travel

We want to make sure that the wild and beautiful nature we enjoy today will be thriving for generations that follow; regeneration is about making sure that what we do now feeds positively into the ecosystem which we value so highly and which nourishes us. It’s about being proactive and intentional, and travelling responsibly.

The duty to take care quickly becomes a passion that is infectious, with a rising momentum that will tip the balance in favour of our voiceless native species. Only then will nature truly thrive, as locals and visitors truly appreciate what a thing of beauty this place is.  And you will long to return, to recharge your soul.

Help preserve the special qualities that draw us here. Simple every day actions help us do this together.

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Our Connections to this place are deeply held

They are central to our identity and wellbeing.  We invite you to experience life as a local while you are here, to gain an understanding of why we choose to call The Coromandel home and what it means to have you here.

Hear from our locals

Respect and understanding through shared stories

By honouring our past and shared cultural heritage we welcome the opportunity to strengthen the character of our communities by welcoming visitors. Art is a strong connector in The Coromandel that brings people together, in our galleries and studios, museums and historic spaces, allowing us to tell our stories, to inspire reflection, and to make connections that go beyond our differences.

The Pinnacles

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Let Us Guide You Around

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As locals we've always known that time spent in our great outdoors is a prescription for our own wellbeing.  Now we know for sure that a getaway in The Coromandel guarantees stress relief and relaxation from everyday cares.

So set aside some time and take The Coromandel Cure - we offer a selection of remedies for body and soul.

Packages,Deals & Vouchers

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