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Shorebird Coast

Hauraki Plains & Shorebird Coast

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The Hauraki Plains and Shorebird Coast

The Hauraki Plains and the Shorebird Coast is home to a diverse natural landscape and a hive of local activity.  A vast region encompassing no less than twelve communities, The Hauraki Plains & Shorebird Coast contains acres of native forest, idyllic coastline, rolling rural hills and plains and the wide Waihou river.  The environment offers myriad opportunities to interact with the area; through hunting and gathering, discovering delicious locally grown produce or adventuring in the wilderness. Explore the area’s artistic, cultural and historical landscape by spending time getting to know the friendly locals and their diverse communities. There are so many ways to appreciate and enjoy the magical expanse of the Hauraki Plains and Shorebird Coast.  Discover its many stories!


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