Issued 28th Jan 2023 and as at 7th Feb 2023 - The Coromandel has experienced a severe weather event, with a state of emergency declared on 3 Feb 2023. As a result, SH25a and the Tapu Coroglen roads have been closed. Some local DOC campsites are also closed. Please take care in and around the region and keep up to date through the following agencies. Driving times and routes can be found here.


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GoPro to The Coromandel

There is so much to discover in The Coromandel, if you are the traveller who is prepared to seek it.  Fishdive and surf with locals in the Pacific Ocean. Head into the sub tropical forest to the heights of the Pinnacles where the uncharted Sleeping God Canyon will be revealed.  Trek by foot or bike , stopping to savour homegrown goodness along the Hauraki Rail Trail. Start planning your trip, pack your kit and GoPro to The Coromandel


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