Plan your trip around Hauraki Coromandel along State Highways 25 & 2. Please note some local roads and DOC sites are closed. Find out more

Great Mercury Island

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Castaway Dreams

As you gaze from the shore at the intriguing islands lying just off our coast, thoughts of being marooned in a Pacific paradise come to mind. Mostly uninhabited by people, our islands are home to many birds and other wildlife, and the iconic volcanic forms harbour secret places and stories. The waters are teeming with sealife so whether you are diving, fishing, snorkelling or picnicking, there will be plenty to satisfy your quest.


Exploring Our Islands

A short boat trip away, or even a kayak or paddle-board voyage, and you enter a world of turquoise waters, white cliffs, hidden bays and caves filled with wild nature.  There are many ways to experience the offshore world above and below the water.

What's happening around The Coromandel

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