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Hauraki Coromandel Biking Strategy

When the government funded Destination Hauraki Coromandel (along with 30 other RTOs) to undertake projects to support the broader tourism industry, stimulate regional demand, and increase industry capability, we identified mountainbiking as a key activity that would fit across all those objectives.

The initial project objective was to build local trail building and maintenance capability based in Whangamatā which would extend outside of the WMSC to include other Coromandel and Hauraki trail groups. The strong support for bike clubs in the region and the Coromandel Trails Collective provided a high level of collaboration for the second part of an MBIE-funded project to develop a region-wide trail strategy.

This is the result, in draft form. It will take a lot more collaboration to move ahead, as it is more than just a funding strategy, but there is broad support for these principles and plan which has been developed at the grassroots, by the bikers who love to ride our trails.

As other projects have progressed, and business and community survey results for destination management planning have been collated, it is clear that the protection and enhancement of our environment is top of the list for many people. This is reflected in the environmental focus of the strategy and actions to nurture the natural environment in the areas of impact.  This is a requirement for all future projects.


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Hauraki Coromandel Biking Strategy

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