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The Coromandel, A Simple Way of Life

Kiwis are at their best when they are on holiday in The Coromandel.  Take a break, slow down and reconnect with life as it should be.

Life in The Coromandel is a prescription for your own wellbeing.  Take it regularly and frequently.

The Coromandel invites a different way of doing things. It is closer to nature and further from consumerism. There are no fast food franchises, few traffic jams or shopping malls.  The distinct lack of all these things contributes to a less busy, more uncomplicated place in which to live. The Coromandel offers more headspace. More headspace creates greater peace of mind and more time to appreciate the wonders of nature.

It is easy to live through the senses in The Coromandel – to deeply experience the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures of all that is around us. We look through the clear lens of beauty rather than the clouded goggles of stress and frustration. When we are surrounded here by beauty and peace, we experience life as beautiful and peaceful.

The Coromandel provides an escape from your everyday life, but it is also the opposite. It is a return to your best self, a return to living your best life. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your own good feeling, to declutter from the mundane and experience the things that make you feel truly alive. It is a brief journey to The Coromandel, but a million miles from the stress and noise of your daily life. The Coromandel is where you practise returning to yourself, and when you do return to your everyday life, you take your Coromandel well-being with you.


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