Issued 28th Jan 2023 and as at 7th Feb 2023 - The Coromandel has experienced a severe weather event, with a state of emergency declared on 3 Feb 2023. As a result, SH25a and the Tapu Coroglen roads have been closed. Some local DOC campsites are also closed. Please take care in and around the region and keep up to date through the following agencies. Driving times and routes can be found here.

Driving Creek Railway Conservation Park

Driving Creek Conservation Park strives to continue Barry Brickell’s ecological vision and legacy of seamless transitions between art, engineering and conservation.


Book a guided walking tour or enjoy a self-guided walk through regenerating bush and inside the fenced pest-free
wildlife sanctuary.

Learn about the logging and gold mining history of the Driving Creek property and Barry Brickell’s mission to re-create a native forest.

Find out about our resident birds and wētā, and view the endangered geckos within the sanctuary enclosures.

Learn about the significant pest-control and habitat restoration work undertaken to provide a safe-haven for native species.

View the stunning nine-metre-tall terracotta kauri tree created by Barry Brickell himself and wander amongst the other sculptures set within the replanted sanctuary enclave.


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380 Driving Creek Road
Coromandel Town

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