Autumn in The Coromandel

Enjoy an endless summer in The Coromandel. The crowds have thinned out and the climate perfect, there's no better time to escape.

As the light takes a golden tinge, and the days draw in ever so slightly, summer continues on through March and into the autumn hues of April and May. Kiwi holiday makers have returned to school and work, and the locals sit back and welcome the prime time.

With settled weather patterns, mild seas, and cooler evenings, the far vistas in the clear late summer air are a bonus for those out hiking and walking the many trails. In fact, this is the best time of year for many of the outdoor activities visitors seek: walking the remote walkways, hiking to the summit of The Pinnacles, and cycle-exploring the relics of local heritage and the varied landscapes traversed by the Hauraki Rail Trail.