The Coromandel Cure

People say The Coromandel is good for your soul. But what does science say? Well, we asked it.

We hired a real researcher to prove that a holiday in The Coromandel is good for your soul.  And then they proved it. We call it The Coromandel Cure; scientifically proven to be good for your soul.

As locals, we've always known that time spent in our great outdoors is a prescription for our own wellbeing.  Now we know for sure that a getaway in The Coromandel guarantees stress relief and relaxation from everyday cares.

We set out to prove that The Coromandel really is good for your soul.  And the results are in showing a getaway to the region resulted in:

  • a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels,
  • participants feeling twice as relaxed, and more rested after their trip.

We prescribe a regular dose of The Coromandel Cure.  There's something about this place that disconnects you from everyday cares that work away in your mind, and engaging in an activity for the sheer joy of the experience is a true tonic. 

So set aside some time and take The Coromandel Cure - we offer a selection of remedies for body and soul.

Experience these Cures

Let us guide you with suggested itineraries and experiences that will support a prescription for your own wellness.

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Prescriptions from our Towns

 Immerse yourself within our communities, find out what we enjoy and how we live in Hauraki Coromandel.


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Pick up your Coromandel Cure Package

For a stress-free holiday in The Coromandel, grab yourself a cure package. With a selection of offers throughout the region, the only stress will be which one to choose.

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The Coromandel is now scientifically-proven to be ‘good for your soul’ in world-first research.

The results confirmed that even just a short getaway to the region resulted in a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels, while participants also reported feeling twice as relaxed, and more rested after their trip.

Here’s what we found: Data from our study suggested a 27% reduction in our participants' physical stress levels, including an improvement in sleep quality and lowered heart rates. Short, two-night visits to The Coromandel increased participants’ psychological, physical and overall wellness, as well as improving their happiness and life-satisfaction. Even a brief visit to the beautiful, scenic region, offers a welcome antidote to the ills of busy city life. To learn more, read the results of our research.