Autumn's golden embrace adorned Hauraki Coromandel with a captivating array of colours, revealing a landscape that science has proven to be good for the soul. Visitors gathered from near and far, keen subjects in this natural laboratory, seeking the prescribed benefits of The Coromandel Cure.

Nestled along the Pacific Coast Highway on New Zealand's North Island, Hauraki Coromandel has emerged as a sanctuary for those seeking a harmonious blend of rugged coastline, lush forests and vibrant communities. Eager to uncover the scientifically proven benefits of this enchanting region, these visiting researchers began their experiment along the Hauraki Rail Trail.

This scenic cycling route, winding from Kaiaua to Waihi, unfolded before them like a storybook, each chapter revealing characteristics of Hauraki Coromandel's soul-nurturing beauty. Paeroa, with its iconic L&P bottle (paying homage to Lemon and Paeroa) became a charming stop, offering warm cafes that slow the pace. Providence Pantry served delectable treats to fuel the next leg of their journey. 

Cycling through the Karangahake Gorge they explored the historic relics hiding in the forest’s embrace, adding an intriguing layer to the psychological benefits that nature offers. Laughter echoing from gorge walls reflects the camaraderie that comes from shared experiences with fellow explorers.

As the cycling adventures concluded, their sensory exploration went up a gear. Hauraki Coromandel is a haven for foodies, with local providers offering an array of homegrown delights. Salt District Brewery, Awildian Gin and Mercury Bay Estate tastings filled their cups with flavours, views and inspiration.  Matatoki Cheese, Coromandel Chocolate and Coromandel Oysters fed their inquisitive souls.

With every adventure, be it a swim, bike or walk the mood of the voluntary researchers, otherwise known as visitors, continued to improve. Dramatic sunsets cued reflection on a day of achievements and a growing sense of connection with self, each other and this unique place. 

This bunch of health enthusiasts came in search of benefits that would reset the mind, body and soul. If science was measured by smiles, then their experiment was validated. 

The benefits of travel to the human psyche are well published; as are the well-being effects of time spent in nature. Hauraki Coromandel, so accessible yet so faraway, guarantees stress relief and relaxation from everyday cares. Our latest class of visitors will attest that it is worth taking the time to experiment yourself, if indeed there could be any doubt. 

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