Fill Your Prescription for The Coromandel Cure

“Cure” may be one of the most important, and most easily misunderstood, words. At face value, cure means something simple. A cure is a remedy. Being cured means whatever ails you now is gone (and won't come back). For many people, “cure” means something more. It means having the peace of mind that you have ready access to treat what ails you, whether it be stress from a too busy life, a broken heart, or frustration at the path your life is taking you. Maybe you're just grumpy, or the kids are stroppy for no apparent reason.

People say The Coromandel is good for your soul. But what does science say? Well, we asked it.

We hired a real researcher to prove that a holiday in The Coromandel is good for your soul. And then they proved it. In short, a two-night visit to The Coromandel increased participants’ psychological, physical and overall wellness resulting in a 27% reduction in physical stress levels, as well as improving their happiness and life-satisfaction. This shows, even a brief visit to the beautiful, scenic region, offers a welcome antidote to the ills of busy city life.

We call it The Coromandel Cure; scientifically proven to be good for your soul.

This is where The Coromandel Cure comes into its own. It’s the magic prescription that provides improved wellbeing and the positivity and peace of mind that goes along with it.

So how does The Coromandel Cure work its magic? The location offers ease from the moment one arrives. It's only a 90-minute drive from Auckland Airport, and the area's well-known touring loop makes even the tiniest villages and hidden beaches accessible. For a relatively small corner of New Zealand, The Coromandel provides a perfect sampler of the diverse natural landscapes that define the country. This pristine part of New Zealand is home to verdant forested mountain ranges, golden sand surf beaches, prehistoric rock formations, boulders, rivers, and waterfalls, not to mention uninhibited access to the infinite pleasures of the ocean.

It's this proximity to nature that works when visiting The Coromandel. As you cycle, stroll, or even gaze out the window, the scenery seems to ease those small stresses away, inspiring a renewed sense of wellbeing that can be seen, felt, and enjoyed, creating positive ripple effects throughout one’s body, mind, and soul.

As locals, we've always known that time spent in our great outdoors is a prescription for our own wellbeing. Now we know for sure that a getaway in The Coromandel guarantees stress relief and relaxation. We prescribe a regular dose of The Coromandel Cure. There's something about this place that disconnects you from the everyday cares that work away in your mind; and engaging in an activity for the sheer joy of the experience is a true tonic.

Traditional medicines, treatments and therapies may improve your health and well-being. A cure leads to both these improvements. We know, because as locals, we take The Coromandel Cure regularly, and feel the results daily. So set aside some time and take The Coromandel Cure today.

We offer a selection of remedies for body and soul. Sure, we have normal messy lives too, but here's what works for us:

Cure: A walk in the bush listening to birds (not podcasts)

Side effect: The realisation that forest bathing is an actual thing!


Cure: A summer swimming hole, the most luxurious pool ever.

Side effect: The Raro stays cold and the kids don't need a shower when they get home.


Cure: A couple of nights in a tent listening to the calls of ruru and the sound of waves.

Side effect: An elevated desire to simplify your life.


Cure: Collecting a feed of tuatua from the estuary at low tide.

Side effect: You turn white bread sandwiches into a whole-food.


Cure: A trip to the mussel farms to fish.

Side effect: You feel justified to buy that boat at last.


Cure: Biking the Tairua Pāuanui River Trail.

Side effect: The serenity of an empty mind and the desire to do it again, soon.


Cure: Climbing all the way to the top of The Pinnacles or the Kauri Block.

Side effect: The determination to really get fit this year.


Cure: A hike to Homunga Bay.

Side effect: Confidence that you can find the way after all, given time.


Cure: Taking the kids to the Karangahake Gorge.

Side effect: A new interest in our history.


Cure: A day out at the Market.

Side effect: An unexpected bag full - but it's all local and delicious.


Cure: A locally made brew with friends on the deck.

Side effect: Satisfaction in knowing that Coro' producers are as good as anyone, anywhere.


Cure: A long lunch in the shade at the cafe or the vineyard.

Side effect: An urge to lift your game in the kitchen, grow some herbs.


Cure: Browsing a local art gallery.

Side effect: Inspiration to start sketching again and see where it takes you.


Cure: A night at a Coroglen gig.

Side effect: The realisation that you're never too old.


Cure: Walking along the beach and seeing a baby dotterel.

Side effect: An overwhelming urge to help protect our beautiful vulnerable nature.