One winter weekend, Carly Flynn, her husband and their three kids escaped their busy Auckland schedules and spent a few days enjoying some simple family time in The Coromandel. 

Carly Flynn is a Broadcaster, Podcaster, TV & radio host, MC & mum of 3.

Carly visited courtesy of: Driving Creek Railway, Coromandel Top 10 Holiday Park, The Waterworks, Hahei Holiday Resort, Glass Bottom Boat, Fun Zone.

Carly sent us some pics of the fun, and we asked her a few questions about their winter getaway.

What was it that enticed you to come to The Coromandel on this particular trip?

The Coromandel has always held a special place in my heart! We camped all over The Coromandel as a family when we were kids and my husband and I had a VW Combi van that we would bring to The Coromandel (Hahei and Cooks Beach mainly) almost every weekend before we had kids. It's a truly special part of the world that holds such great memories for me.

Do you know The Coromandel well?

Reasonably. Although I do get quite lazy and end up doing the same things and going to the same places. This trip was great because it forced us to try new things and go to different places. We loved travelling the coast road up from Thames, and even the 309 Road to show the kids what old school NZ can be like!

What was the best part about being here in the middle of winter (as most people think of us as a summer destination)?

We actually had exceptional weather while we were there. One of the unexpected bonuses was that the water visibility was so wonderful for our Glass Bottom Boat tour - it was magic!

What did the kids like best about the trip?

Oh, they LOVED the Fun Zone in Whitianga! We all did! the Argo rides, the paintball, the archery, and the animals, and our one-year-old loved the little cars that he could be driven around in. It was a wonderful place for all of us!

And the grownups?

That the kids were happy, that we have such gorgeous beaches, food and accommodation in our own country, and that it provided a magical escape from day-to-day life!

IMG 6509

"The kids absolutely loved the Fun Zone in Whitianga and didn’t want to leave! So much to see and do and our hosts were fabulous. "

IMG 6483

"The Glass Bottom Boat tour was just magic. Beautiful conditions and so much to see particularly in the marine reserve." Jude (aged 6) looking through the glass at the amazingly clear waters of the Te-Whanganui -o-Hei Marine Reserve.

IMG 6535

"Loved having some down tools and family time with the kids." Carly and Tilly (aged 8 at the time).