A boutique, artisan coffee-roasting business in a secluded bush clad valley on the Coromandel
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Roasting great coffee is a mixture of art and science. At Coffee LaLa it begins with careful attention to the complete understanding of our coffee origins. Coffee plantations world wide produce green beans of a character individual to their specific location, soil and climate.

We roast a selection of beans originating from a number of countries to create our hand-crafted award winning blends. Our 100% Arabica beans are sourced from the World’s best plantations and roasted with individual care.

We roast each coffee origin individually to help it reach its full potential of flavour and character. This requires a specific roasting sequence for each unique origin.  After each unique roast we blend the different origins to create a full bodied coffee with a complex and rich taste.

Purchases can be made online or through our stockists around The Coromandel,  including Kua Kawhe, Blue Ginger, Re-Store,


462 Kuaotunu Wharekaho Road