Whenuakura – as it is also known - lies one kilometre east from Whangamata Beach on The Coromandel, and is a well-kept local secret. Donut Island has two small beaches in the centre of the island’s collapsed blowhole.
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Whangamata is home to one of New Zealand’s most beautiful coastal attractions. For a long time Whenuakura, (commonly referred to as Donut Island), was a local secret. This has changed in recent years as this pacific treasure is quickly becoming a ‘must do’ New Zealand adventure. Guardians of the islands and Whangamata locals encourage you to treat the islands with respect to preserve their future. Begin your adventure with a registered Tour Company, who will keep you safe in the open ocean and reveal the significance of Whenuakura. 

Entry into the cove is via a single 40ft-high cave. Marvel at amazing rock formations as your voice echoes off the cliffs in the cave, then emerge into the small lagoon. Here, pohutukawa trees – known for their bright-red flowers in summer – drape sheer cliffs that lead down to the water below. You’ll feel like a castaway who has stumbled upon your very own deserted paradise!

Please Remember:

* GO WITH A CERTIFIED GUIDING COMPANY - they will ensure your safety and the protection of Donut Island

* STAY IN THE WATER - Whenuakura is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Please help preserve the fragile environment

* TAKE NOTHING BUT PHOTOS - Remember to leave bags and food on the mainland, so as not to attract predators 

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