Issued 28th Jan 2023 and as at 7th Feb 2023 - The Coromandel has experienced a severe weather event, with a state of emergency declared on 3 Feb 2023. As a result, SH25a and the Tapu Coroglen roads have been closed. Some local DOC campsites are also closed. Please take care in and around the region and keep up to date through the following agencies. Driving times and routes can be found here.

Whenuakura (Donut Island)

Whenuakura – as it is also known - lies one kilometre east from Whangamata Beach on The Coromandel, and is a well-kept local secret. Donut Island has two small beaches in the centre of the island’s collapsed blowhole.


Whangamata is home to one of New Zealand’s most beautiful coastal attractions. For a long time Whenuakura, (commonly referred to as Donut Island), was a local secret. This has changed in recent years as this pacific treasure is quickly becoming a ‘must do’ New Zealand adventure. Guardians of the islands and Whangamata locals encourage you to treat the islands with respect to preserve their future. Begin your adventure with a registered Tour Company, who will keep you safe in the open ocean and reveal the significance of Whenuakura. 

Entry into the cove is via a single 40ft-high cave. Marvel at amazing rock formations as your voice echoes off the cliffs in the cave, then emerge into the small lagoon. Here, pohutukawa trees – known for their bright-red flowers in summer – drape sheer cliffs that lead down to the water below. You’ll feel like a castaway who has stumbled upon your very own deserted paradise!

Please Remember:

* GO WITH A CERTIFIED GUIDING COMPANY - they will ensure your safety and the protection of Donut Island

* STAY IN THE WATER - Whenuakura is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Please help preserve the fragile environment

* TAKE NOTHING BUT PHOTOS - Remember to leave bags and food on the mainland, so as not to attract predators 

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