Serving delicious shared plates from a seasonal menu, great value wine, craft beers and cocktails for over 15 years in Cooks Beach. A well-kept, local secret.
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New Zealand's First Kaizen restaurant. KaiZen plates are designed to be shared.  They come from the kitchen as they are ready, normally one at a time.  This creates a unique and social dining experience. The dishes are designed to be of a size and affordability that allows you to order multiple dishes, multiple times over the course of your meal.

KaiZen dining has evolved at Go Vino over a number of years.  

Originally operating as a Tapas restaurant the team came to realise that their dishes were more complex and not particularly Spanish-influenced.  And many people were not familiar with  "Tapas".

So KaiZen dining was developed. Kaizen in Japanese, means "change for the better" and the name is also a combination of the words Kai and Zen.


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19 Captain Cook Road
Cooks Beach

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KaiZen at Go Vino

Go Vino - Tasting menu of innovative shared plates

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  • Wednesday 29 November 2023 12:00AM - 12:00AM