Enjoy the cultural history of significant sites and coastal locations with the opening of new and improved walking tracks. Explore new locations and understand the history of the area. Combined with a boat or kayak tour to Cathedral Cove visitors will gain a deeper appreciation for why this part of Aotearoa New Zealand is so special.
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Explore new locations and understand the history of the area, including:

  • Hereheretaura and Te Pare - used by Ngati Hei during their long presence in the area, dating back to pre-colonial times
  • Grange Rd, where visitors can enjoy sweeping views of Mercury Bay and seating and picnic spots. Remember to park in Hahei and walk up Grange Rd to the viewing locations.

  • McHand’s Lookout is a real highlight, giving expansive views over Mercury Bay. This is a 90 minute walk from the Lees Rd carpark.

Tiaki Rangers will be stationed at various access points to the Cathedral Cove track network ready to share information with visitors on other nearby locations they can visit – including the heritage sites and their stories.

Cathedral Cove remains a marine-based experience this summer

Please remember to visit Cathedral Cove with a local boat or tour guide, the walking track to Cathedral Cove will not be reinstated for summer 2023-24.

Visiting Cathedral Cove will continue to be a marine-based experience this summer, with several commercial operators offering services including brief stays on the beach.

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