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Jenny McLeod has been fusing glass for over 20 years and creates beautiful and functional glassware, garden art and sculpture.
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Jenny McLeod is a practising glass artist creating a variety of work including functional glassware, sculpture, garden art and exhibition work.

Jenny set up her first kiln studio at home, where she fused glass, slumps, cuts and layers it - in her now renowned original designs. Her love of glass in all its forms is evident in the collected items in her gallery and the stunning glass bottle wall.

Building on her glass work using mixed media materials, she has taken her art outdoors, creating larger garden sculptures and installations. When asked about the inspiration for her work, Jenny says "New Zealand is not only a country of natural beauty, but it is a country rich in cultural diversity. These are constant reference points in my work, which is created with a Pacific inspiration, for a modern setting."


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