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Unstress, relax, reset and rejuvenate in Aotearoa. Provider Retreats are designed specifically for men who are in the early stages of burnout, to escape into nature to destress, eat well, move and learn more about wellbeing of the mind, body & soul.
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  • Tairua
  • from $2500 – $5000

On our 4 day Men's Wellbeing Retreat we take care of everything. Accomodation, meals, water/land activities & wellbeing workshops are all included. We have been running these retreats for three years, and are getting amazing results. Your retreat is led by PreKure qualified Health Coach Carl Muir. Carl is also a fishing guide, and uses his connection with sourcing healthy food as the cornerstone of the retreat. Each day you will explore on the water and land for your food. You will catch fish. You will forage in the forest. You will learn about gardening and permaculture. And each meal is prepared with care and love in front of you from ingredients you know exactly where they have come from. Try out mens yoga & meditation. Talk. Connect.

Where to Find Us
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24 Azimuth Road
Tairua Tairua
New Zealand