There is a feeling of success when you reach the top of the ridge to drink in the magnificent views of Coromandel harbour. We imagine the name comes from the gold-miners tunnelling in the hills in bygone days in search of treasure and fortune.
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The track enters an old goldmining area but the green of the native bush has long since concealed the activities of the past.  Its an easy grade track, starting by one end of  the Taumatawahine Walk which connects with Rings Road.

You can choose the distance: 3-12km return depending on your route, which makes 2-5-hour adventures for the day.

Make a longer walk by continuing onto the main range, as Success Track terminates at the midpoint of Kaipawa Trig Track.

If continuing either north or south on Kaipawa Trig Track, it’s best to return the same way and avoid walking on the busy roads where Kaipawa Trig Track ends.

The south half of Kaipawa Trig Track is also a Grade 3 mountain bike track from Whangapoua Lookout and continuing down Success Track.

Additional segments one way: 1 hr from top of Success Track south to Whangapoua Lookout; 1½ hrs from top of Success Track north to Kennedy Bay Rd near Tokatea Lookout.


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Coormandel Town