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Your partners in cream! Ice cream and gelato scoop shop in Grahamstown, Thames. We do shakes too!🍦❤️
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Fancy an ice cream, gelato, sorbet or a shake? Maybe even a sundae, split or spider (if you're lucky)? Three Bears Ice Cream & Gelato is now open in Thames.

With loads of topping options, including sprinkles, 100s & 1000s, marshmallows, jelly snakes, jet planes, flakes, melted Whittakers chocolate, M&Ms, Oreos and nuts.
There’s even some yum sauces like strawberry, mixed berry, raspberry, caramel and chocolate to go crazy on PLUS we’ve also got things like brandy snaps, almonds, pistachios and coconut.
GF Gelatos and Sorbet options, and a wide selection of GF Icecreams
Where to Find Us

746 Pollen Street