10km of sweet single-track. Mostly grade 2 & 3 with a wee bit of grade 4. Undulating and flowing tracks in pines, native bush and farmland.
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Waihi's Black Hill MTB trails are open to the public every day. Look for the Yellow, Blue and Pink triangular markers on your left near the stile at the cul-de-sac end of Clarke Street.

A couple of rules that will make it safer for everyone;

• Please follow the markers

• Stay on the trail

• Travel in a clockwise direction only

• Leave all gates as you find them

• Be nice to walkers. 

Yellow Trail - Intermediate

One lap is nearly 10 km, grade 2 to 3 with a mix of gravel farm track, sweet single track in the pine forest, dirt track on farmland and gravel walking/4WD track. Some of it is flat-stick fast and some is slower and semi-technical, but it's all achievable with a moderate skill level.

Blue Trail - Beginner/Intermediate

One lap is 6 km, grade 2. The trail is mostly easy but it has some short, steepish climbs and some tricky sections with rocks, roots and potholes.

Pink Trail - Beginner

A lap is 5 km, grade 1 to 2 with a similar mix to the Blue Trail but with all the tricky bits detoured. This trail is suitable for less experienced riders and younger kids, especially when it's dry, but be aware that it's a proper MTB track and a step up from the likes of the Hauraki Rail Trail and Pit Rim Walkway. 

We have a keen bunch of track builders who are fast becoming experts at making great flowing trails and we're doing improvements to the course all the time.

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