Issued 28th Jan 2023 - The Coromandel has experienced a severe weather event, with a state of emergency declared on 3 Feb 2023. As a result, SH25a and the Tapu Coroglen roads have been closed.

Some local DOC campsites are closed, and Te Whatu Ora Waikato advises everyone to not use coastal beaches, lakes, rivers and streams until at least 48 hours following heavy rainfall due to potential bacterial contamination.

Please take care in and around the region and keep up to date through the following agencies.

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What you need to know before visiting The Coromandel

To make sure you get the best out of your adventures in The Coromandel, we've teamed up with some local characters to give you the low-down.

Please be sure to check out all our tips before heading over and help take care of our beautiful backyard. Remember to take your time, enjoy this incredible place we call home.


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