The Coromandel: beyond 2025

How do you see The Coromandel in 10 years?

Destination Hauraki Coromandel (DC) is the Regional Tourism Organisation charged with marketing The Coromandel visitor destination. DC have developed Beyond 2025, to help bring together the local visitor industry and key stakeholders in a quest to stimulate increased visitor spend over the next 10 years, while preserving our heritage.

Download and read Beyond 2025 to gain an understanding of where The Coromandel is currently positioned and the proposed direction ahead.

The Coromandel's Key Challenge (2017)

Beyond 2025 (above) was prepared in 2015. Since then new data has become available that demonstrates the growth of The Coromandel tourism sector. However it has also revealed a key challenge for all stakeholders to address - spend per visit. Monthly day and overnight trips to The Coromandel are impressive when compared to other regions, demonstrating a solid visitor market for 7 months of the year. There is real potential for growth in visitor spend as indicated in this supporting document.

Contribute your thoughts in any of the 3 areas below and help plan the road ahead.