The Coromandel Cure

Destination Hauraki Coromandel has been working on our biggest-ever summer campaign designed to build back confidence in The Coromandel as the place Where Kiwis Holiday.

The reveal of The Coromandel Cure was on the 29th of November and the campaign will run through mid-December with a focus on PR activity for nationwide awareness. The promotion will then reactivate in late January and run through till mid-April.

As always our overarching goal is to promote Hauraki Coromandel as a place to visit. We determined at the outset, that the key component of this campaign is inclusivity for all: operators, businesses, business associations and other community groups.

During the campaign, we will feature the products and packages on offer from participating partners, so if you want your town, business, experience or product to be included, this is your chance to collaborate.  You all have the opportunity to leverage the power of this campaign to promote what you have to offer visitors.

How to Participate

Align your Coromandel Cure using the creative assets and platforms below to make sure it gets good coverage during the campaign. 

Your Coromandel Cure could be one of two deliverables:

  • A special product (e.g limited edition product, dish on a menu, or experience)
  • A combo, package, add-on, anything that's good for your soul. This could be solo or in collaboration with other operators.

Product:  Let us know what your special product cure is when it is available and how you are presenting it.  We can help you decide how to use the campaign's creative assets and provide additional resources, such as stickers.

Package:  Upload details of your Coromandel Cure with campaign lockups to our website which has a special landing page so people who have seen campaign promotions can find their Coromandel Cure. The creative templates below can be customised and offer a selection of options for you to choose the best fit for your chosen channel, including

Packages and Products: Use the creative assets including a list of "side effects" to identify your Coromandel Cure on your promotional channels and where people can come and take the cure. eg. your website, posters, labels, social, and in other print and digital content.


The Coromandel Cure Campaign Resources

Promote The Coromandel Cure that you offer by customising and downloading the campaign creative assets to:

  1. Identify your social posts, reels and stories as a Coromandel Cure.  Don't forget to tag @thecoromandel #goodforyoursoul. You can also use the "side effect" options in the text content of your social, but please stick to those provided by our agency DDB for consistency.

  2. Use the campaign brand on:
    • product and package offerings
    • printed material (brochures, menus, maps)
    • other digital activity (your website, digital ads)