Matariki, the Māori term for the Pleiades star cluster, graces the predawn sky during the Southern Hemisphere's mid-winter. This celestial event holds great importance in the Māori calendar, occurring typically from late May to early July. As Matariki emerges in the wintry heavens above Aotearoa

As Matariki gathers us to reunite with our whānau, family, and friends, we can contemplate the myriad reasons that draw us to this place, shaping it into our home. The celestial stars once guided intrepid explorers to our shores, and today, they offer some of the finest spots for stargazing. These same stars serve as a beacon, prompting us to pay homage to our heritage while charting our course for the future. It is a reminder to embrace our responsibility to protect the environment, preserve biodiversity, and uplift our communities.

What's On During Matariki