Students share their education experience on The Coromandel.

Kira, Mercury Bay Area School

Mercury Bay Area School

Whitianga is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Mercury Bay Area School is close to the Beach and only ten minutes walking into town.

I really enjoyed my time at MBAS. The school gives you a lot of opportunities to join sport teams. In my exchange year I joined the girls Soccer Team and we had a game every Saturday.

The teachers are helpful and understandable; they help you whenever you have a question or don’t understand anything just go and ask them they will help you.

I made a lot of new experience in this half year and I improved my English.

Oskar, Mercury Bay Area School

Oskar Mercury Bay Area School

In 2012 our family came to stay in Mercury Bay as part of their tour of New Zealand.

The school was equipped perfectly: a big sports ground, a swimming pool, a cooking class where we were taught “food & nutrition” and the graphics class room with iMac computers (amazing!).

The highlights for me were the swimming competition and the athletics day not to forget the rugby league team where I participated at the training.

My brother, sister and I had a great time in NZ and at  MBAS. It was a great experience for all of us, and I personally hope to return to Mercury Bay Area School in the near future.

Takumi Kodiara, Coromandel Outdoor Language School

Takumi Kodiara Coromandel Outdoor Language School

I recommend you go to COLC in Whitianga. It is one of the best parts in my life and it is like dream.

I stayed in COLC in Whitianga for 1 year, and I felt that school is like big family.

Kim and Robyn were our parents, and the students were brothers and sisters. People in Whitianga are very kind and friendly so I could enjoy every day.

If you are worried about going to Whitianga don’t worry!! Teachers , students, and a lot of people will help you.

Andy Infanger Coromandel Outdoor Language School

Andy Infanger Coromandel Outdoor Language School

The time I had in New Zealand, specially the time I spent in Whitianga was just amazing.

A big reason why, is a school named COLC and all people I met there. We were one big family and I have this feeling still right now back in my country.

COLC is not a usual language school. You can do heaps (NZ slang for many) of activities and you will learn a lot about the great Kiwi-lifestyle.

And last but not least, you’ll learn a lot of English in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.”