Project Plan

We designed an industry sustainability programme, "Forever good for your soul" to focus on reducing the environmental impact of businesses in our local tourism industry. The Carbon, Waste and Predator-Free step-wise plan is helping businesses measure and reduce their environmental footprint, minimise waste and find ways to support a predator-free Hauraki Coromandel.

In addition to the programme, DHC has begun implementation of marketing initiatives that aim to influence visitor behaviour over a range of social, environmental, cultural, and economic aspects identified as important to our communities. These messages are aimed at our loyal regular seasonal visitors and locals and also our many other domestic visitors. The values-based "Forever Good for Your Soul" messaging forms the core of our marketing plan for the future and will be embedded in all marketing activity.


Tourism enriches life for locals and visitors, contributing directly to the protection and enhancement of our cultural and natural environment.

  • 5 businesses achieve Sustainability Plans (annually)
  • Predator Free MOU ratified
  • Biodiversity campaign delivered
  • Tourism industry commit to Predator Free goal
  • Annual Growth in kiwi population
  • Increased awareness and momentum for a predator-free region
  • 80 operators committed to date
  • 50 sustainability audits conducted
  • supporting 25 local predator / conservation groups
  • RTO achieves Carbon Zero Certification
  • Forever good for your soul campaign rollout, with social activity, billboards and print advertising
  • 515 Kiwi calls heard at July 2023


Making a Start

Our vision is that Tourism not only enriches the lives of locals and visitors but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding and enhancing our cultural and natural heritage. Everyone, including local businesses, can contribute significantly to preserving our environment by embracing simple eco-friendly practices. This way, we can preserve and protect the nature that draws us all here, and that attracts so many visitors, foster biodiversity in Hauraki Coromandel, and ensure the quality of life and prosperity for generations to come.

Long Term Vision

These actions will demonstrate our collective commitment to environmental responsibility, earning the trust of people who visit. We believe that together we can make a lasting impact, ensuring our region is a place that is forever good for your soul, and attracting like-minded people to visit.

To achieve genuine sustainability, we must go beyond greenwashing and continue to develop our skills and knowledge. We pledge to lead the way for local industry sustainability by always considering the environmental impact of our organisation's activities and by aligning our work with what is good for our diverse communities. By upholding the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and Tiaki Promise, we will proudly deliver on our responsibilities to promote responsible tourism and protect our cherished and unique natural and cultural heritage.