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Forever good for your soul

Forever good for your soul SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMME

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Care for the land, Care for people, Go forward.
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DESTINATION HAURAKI COROMANDEL'S VISION: Tourism enriches life for locals and visitors, contributing directly to the protection and enhancement of our cultural and natural environment.

Change is happening for the better, by choice and global influence, from governments and consumers. At last, we are committed to a path that honours our region’s reputation.

By joining us in this vision, your business can demonstrate how important our environment is by reducing waste, leading the way with carbon free actions and helping biodiversity in Hauraki Coromandel thrive. Having committed, people will trust that visiting your place will help our place be Forever good for your soul.

Don’t be overwhelmed, we’ve created a pathway that goes beyond greenwashing to something that’s truly sustainable. Your journey starts here… 

Our sustainability programme tackles 3 goals, with actions, designed to help your business progress.

By helping our place be Forever good for your soul straight away your business will commit to step 1 so you can easily progress to step 2. The Ambassador Programme is the only step that requires time away from your business (3-hour workshop in your local town). When you’re ready you can choose to advance your commitment to Step 3. Sign up to Forever good for your soul here.

Keep reading for the simple logic of these 3 steps


Sustainability Programme 202223 v2

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