Issued 28th Jan 2023 - The Coromandel is experiencing a severe weather event and as a result, a number of roads have been closed. Please take care in and around the region and keep up to date through the following agencies.

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Sustainability Tips for Business

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Carbon Free, Waste Free and Predator Free Tips for Businesses

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Carbon Free Tips


  • Reduce energy use on winter mornings and evenings (when grid electricity turns to a higher mix of fossil fuel generation)

  • Work out your approximate footprint in 5 minutes

  • Switch to LED lights

  • Reduce water usage

  • Reduce consumption

  • Plan trips in advance so you don’t rush (drive efficiently), share rides, drive less!


Waste Free

Waste Free Tips

  • Wash boats and vehicles on the grass, all drains lead to the ocean

  • Become a conscious consumer to help reduce the amount of waste you put into landfill

  • Prioritise glass containers and eliminate plastic packaging, especially ‘3 – 7’ where possible

  • Make it easy for your guests to separate food waste and recycling

  • Make it easy for guests to reduce waste by providing compostable, recyclable and environmentally-friendly products where you can

  • Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs

  • Support NZ made (less transportation involved compared to importing)

  • Pick up litter outside your business, on your street, in your town and region

  • Use cardboard for weed mat for your garden (remove cellotape & cover with compost & mulch)

Predator Free Tips

Predator Free Tips

  • Join your community conservation group

  • Start trapping your own backyard

  • Improve trapping results with these resources

  • Plant native trees to feed the birds and the bees, provide shade, filter water and absorb carbon

  • Put Birdscare tape outside your windows to stop birds flying into them (purchase at local hardware stores e.g.

  • Encourage guests to Keep New Zealand beautiful, don’t litter!

  • Keen to learn more and get inspired? – Watch ‘Fight for the Wild’ 

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