Kia ora and welcome to The Coromandel!

By Rena Behar

As participants in the New Zealand Tiaki Promise, we’re taking on the mantle of caring for New Zealand for both present and future generations. It’s a responsibility that extends to all of us, whether you’ve been spending summers at your bach here since you were small or are experiencing our beautiful coastline for the first time.

The secret of The Coromandel is getting out. Hot spots like Cathedral Cove have more visitors every year. And as the number of people come to experience our region increases, so does the importance that we take care of it.

After all, humans aren’t our only visitors. Local birds like tuis, fantails and even kiwis flit among the kauri trees while dolphins and whales regularly migrate past our coast. Over on the Shorebird Coast, species from as far away as the Arctic come to rest.

As a visitor here, there are a few things you can do to help make your visit better, both for you and the environment.

- Skip the plastic. Our water is so clean you can drink it straight from the tap (or refill your reusable water bottle). Bring your own bottles and bags and that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

- Stay on the paths. Our native plants are suffering from the effects of invasive species, and their fragile saplings need all the help they can get. If you stay on the paths, you won’t risk trampling new growth or spreading biohazards like kauri dieback disease.

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- Pack out your trash. Don’t just drop your wrappers by the trailside, where they can get picked up by wildlife or swept into the water supply. Stash them in your bag instead until you come to a disposal spot. Or better yet, a recycling bin. Bonus points if you pick up any litter you spot along the way.

- Eat local. With so many restaurants growing their own produce or bringing in the catch fresh from the sea, you don’t have to go far to find high-quality cuisine. The fresher the better—and the smaller your carbon footprint.


- Visit outside of peak times. You’ll put less strain on the ecosystem and get those perfect photos unimpeded by other travelers. We’ve got year-round subtropical temperatures and plenty going on, so try a trip in May or October, when the weather is mild and you may have the beach or trail all to yourself.

- Leave your car behind. Why drive when you can bike along the Hauraki Rail Trail or kayak through the waters of the Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve? Minimizing your driving time cuts down on your ecological impact and helps you enjoy your surroundings even more.

- Allow yourself enough time. Now that you’re traveling by foot or bike, you can really take your time to take in the sights and listen to the birdsong. Why rush, when you’re here to relax?

- Use a local guide. Not only will you get the best insider insights, but you’ll also share a ride with one of our many guides who know the roads and can keep both you and the environment safe. Less driving, more time to observe, and better stories along the way.

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For more tips, check out expert advice from some of our locals about how you can take care of these magical places. A visit here is good for your soul, and helping preserve it is even better.