Experiencing Cathedral Cove this 2023/24 Summer

Cathedral Cove and the adjacent Hahei coastal area were severely impacted by the extreme weather events of summer 2022-23, including Cyclone Gabrielle.

The extreme weather events caused landslides and rockfall, and significant damage to the main track to the Cathedral Cove beach, which as a result has been closed.

Land base access onto Cathedral Cove beach is via a trip with the Hahei Explorer, Cathedral Cove Kayak or the water taxi. Guided tours of the area via sea are available with many local operators.

Alternative visitor experiences have been created near Cathedral Cove to ensure visitors can still experience the beauty of the coastline. These have been enabled by collective work of DOC, Ngāti Hei and operators. The work done includes improvements to existing tracks, and new routes to sites considered culturally significant to local iwi. This provides the added benefit of providing cultural stories to enrich the visitor experience which is supported DOC's Tiaki Rangers who will share Ngāti Hei cultural stories about the area.