The bohemian nature of locals is embodied in their sustainable hunter-gatherer lifestyle and shared through their artisan produce, whimsical crafts and fine arts, and relaxed warm hospitality.

The legacy of the region’s pioneering spirit continues in the new generations of Coromandel settlers. Today’s artisans and creators have perhaps been inspired by the hippy idealism which led many to seek refuge in The Coromandel in the 1960s and 70s. This is a place where creativity, craftsmanship and “do it yourself” is still valued. The geography of the place offers another motivation to live a homegrown life. “If we can’t get it here, we make it ourselves”.

People working with nature have been drawn to these parts. This place has long inspired an alternative consciousness around working with and being part of nature - utilising it and harmonising with it to create, grow, contribute and share resources. These days Coromandel folk live their homegrown dreams, practice their environmentally-conscious ideals and share their creations with visitors.

People go about their businesses, determinedly living their dreams here.  Whether that dream is to grow top quality organic produce, develop skincare products from nature’s purest ingredients, make art, carve sculpture, compose music: productive creativity happens quietly but certainly in The Coromandel.

The peninsula has a reputation as a source of boutique, high quality products, including specialty foods, fish and seafood, wine and beer, and fine arts and crafts. Coromandel artisans are creating and producing on a small scale, because small has become the new beautiful.  This is evident in the number of galleries and studios found in the towns and hidden in the forest.  The nano-beweries, orchards, dairies and wineries that nestle in the rolling hills.