The regional tourism organisation responsible for marketing The Coromandel as a visitor destination was established in 1991. Towards 2020, the founding document for the organisation, highlighted the importance of the brand as reflected in the extract below:

  • The Coromandel brand and marketing should reflect the region’s commitment to sustaining the natural environment.
  • All local and regional marketing should reflect The Coromandel brand, ensuring that visitors who respect the special values and experiences of The Coromandel are attracted.
  • To market and manage a world-class – and thus high yield – visitor experience, The Coromandel must guarantee quality and a high level of service.

Geographical Boundary

The Coromandel encompasses both the Thames-Coromandel and Hauraki Districts, from Orere Point at the top of the Seabird Coast to Orokawa Bay on the Eastern side and down to the Karangahake Gorge in the South. When referencing the region, The Coromandel is written in italics to emphasize the region as a visitor destination

Why The Coromandel

  • Differentiates between the region (The Coromandel) and the town (Coromandel Town)
  • Introduces and reiterates (by association) what makes the region special.
  • Encapsulates the Hauraki Plains as well as the Coromandel Peninsula


The Coromandel good for your soul brand and proposition is about stirring desire and stimulating action. It’s about creating a dream and converting the dream to visiting The Coromandel.