Whether you’re heading for the campground, bach or something more glamorous, "endless" summer barbeques, fishing expeditions, bush walks to swimming holes, and picnics at the beach await you.

The Coromandel provides the proximity to nature which Kiwis take for granted and expect from their summer holiday. It offers every kind of nature: beach, bush, streams, rivers, waterfalls, sand dunes, rural vistas, rocky outcrops – and all with minimal effort to access. The Coromandel has the perfect indoor-outdoor flow. Life resumes outside just as naturally as inside in The Coromandel. Even eating and sleeping become outdoor activities for Kiwis on holiday, with many campsites, picnic spots and outdoor eateries around the area.

Kiwis love to holiday outdoors – not always adventuring, though hiking, cycling, fishing and boating are ever-popular. They also like to sit under a gnarled and shady pohutukawa tree with a good book and a cold beverage, watching the children dam streams with small rocks.  They meander around village shops, browsing local boutiques and stopping for coffee in curious cafes.

Kiwis tend to holiday communally and The Coromandel offers enough space and variety for everyone. Plenty of space for family and friends. Kiwis like to holiday within driving distance of home. It’s all about packing up the car and going to a place they associate with good friends, good times and great surroundings. The Coromandel is both the foreground and the backdrop for a Kiwi holiday. Kiwis go there because of the ease and civilisation of it, yet it feels “so far away”. They go because they can take a four-hour hike through dense native bush, but stop in at a fabulous winery for lunch afterwards.

Kiwis holiday in The Coromandel because it is reminiscent of all that was good about their idyllic childhoods.

Experience Where Kiwis Holiday Your Way

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Around The Water

Summer Beach Games


Be a part of a Coromandel Summer as crowds grow and the vibe is full on energy. The days are long and hot and the region is bustling with events and activities.
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Coromandel Beaches

The Coromandel has hundreds of secluded beaches, rated amongst the best in the world. Port Jackson, New Chum, Hot Water, Opito and Waihi Beach & many more.
The Pinnacles

Walking & Hiking

Great short and overnight walks around The Coromandel. Discover pristine forest and hidden bays, waterfalls, mining relics and old railway tunnels, there's something for everyone.