The Tiaki Promise asks those that live and visit here to care for the land, sea and nature. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home for now and for future generations. Make a start now by looking after your backyard and Pick it up Now.

Pick it up Now

This grassroots initiative encourages everyone to pick up rubbish rather than walk past it. Not just at the beach or your next bush walk – but where ever you happen to see it, you’ll find you won’t have to look far!

The Coromandel is surrounded by 400km of amazing coastline with a rugged forest clad Peninsula bordering the Hauraki countryside. While we’re a sparsely populated region we’re within 2 hours of over half of New Zealand’s population and a wildly attractive visitor destination. Yet where there are people there is waste. Which is why we’re asking everyone to do their bit…so for all the talk here’s the action;


Walking past rubbish seems to be the norm, for now. By picking it up we’re showing that it’s not acceptable to walk on by, let alone litter in the first place (including those that drop cigarette butts)!

one more plastic bottle won’t make a difference….said 7 billion people

Help reduce waste by making better and more informed choices when you consume;

- Reuse water bottles
- Refuse plastic straws
- Recycle plastic wrap/cardboard/paper

Where to from here

This initiative has started in The Coromandel, 12 rubbish pick ups and growing, and slowly but surely more people getting on board the movement.

Keeping our homes clean are a given. It’s not uncommon to pick up rubbish on the beach and likely that we keep our businesses clean too. For the tourism industry our landscapes and coastlines just happen to be our business too. Hence starting here…

…so after the tourism businesses we’ll be going out to other businesses and schools in the area while also encouraging other regions in New Zealand to pick it up now. Once we’re practicing what we preach we can then ask our visitors to do the same.