Campaign Overview

Part of our marketing strategy includes campaign activity to promote travel at certain times of the year, for specific reasons.  We connect with potential travellers in New Zealand and Australia to showcase the experiences our region offers and give them good reasons to come for their next holiday or break.  We know that many visitors to our region will come time and again, so there is always an opportunity to give them new reasons to visit more often.

Our campaigns are mostly digital but often include Out of Home advertising (such as billboards) and media placements in publications and channels that our audience use. If you are listed on our site, we will include your offerings in our campaigns where they are aligned, but we will often ask you for packages and deals that will appeal to the campaign target audience.

Tourism New Zealand will also ask you to load packages and deals for their campaigns from time to time, we encourage you to do this as often as possible. The deals featured on will also be featured on and used in our regional campaign activity.

Active Campaign

Campaign Results