So what does Destination Hauraki Coromandel do?

The Role of DHC


Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Hauraki Coromandel’s predecessor Tourism Coromandel determined The Coromandel was the best fit to represent the destination because it included the Peninsula, the Plains and allowed differentiation from Coromandel Town (also referred to as Coromandel) and echoed the common term locals and regular visitors referred to as  ‘The Coromandel’.

Over 20 years later Destination Hauraki Coromandel has continued this legacy and championed the good for your soul proposition that has become synonymous with the region.

This is one of the most common questions we get.  We promote The Coromandel in its entirety first and foremost. Towns are featured in core activity including, Youtube video series, trade and media, and social media.  However, towns are not the primary focus of our work. All activity is determined by our regional strategy and the marketing channels available and is based on research and insights. This fulfils our role as a Regional Tourism Organisation.

That is because the audience for most of our communications is not locals but potential visitors.  If you check out, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, sign up for our industry updates or monthly consumer newsletter then you’ll get an insight into some of our activity. Board and council reports, presentations, and industry resources such as the product development guide, brand guidelines, press releases, campaign reports, annual reports all provide details on the role, work and output of DHC.

The desired audience for most of our work lives beyond our boundaries, and includes our holiday homeowners. And within our main domestic visitor regions of Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, we communicate differently depending on the type of activity or campaign, the audience demographics and the type of media they consume (and how we can reach them).

If we’re targeting potential international visitors from longhaul countries, the majority of our work is done through the travel trade and in partnership with Tourism New Zealand (TNZ), as reaching global consumers at scale requires reach that our organisation doesn't possess.

We approach our role with the wider Destination Management considerations in mind, and Product and Event Development are considered in our marketing approach in support of our wider Tourism Ecosystem.

Anyone involved in the local visitor industry or considering business development should consider all elements of the tourism ecosystem in their plans. Every time someone visits The Coromandel they should be making a positive contribution to our communities and our environment, not just economically, thereby helping to achieve the vision in the region's community Destination Management Plan.